Dear Incoming Seniors,


Mia Parmley , Reporter

You’re a senior now…weird, right? I still remember when I’d ride the bus to Clovis, and that was all there was- no thoughts of high school, no thoughts of being a senior, no thoughts of the future. Until now I had never really tried to imagine the day I would finally become a senior, yet here it is- the end and beginning of a new era. It feels as if the day would never come,  but now that I’m here it fills me with mixed emotions. There will be so much more to look forward to in life, but your senior year is a special one. 

You’re learning who you are. You’re gaining freedom that almost feels too good to be true, and at the same time, you’re learning to be fully responsible. It’s a new kind of first step.

I’ve never quite been an outgoing student to be a part of things and have never been the type of student that is ready to be in the front of the Red Zone but now, for some reason, that’s changed for me and I want to be more involved and closer with my class. I want to do every little thing I can because each game, each concert, each play, and assembly will be one of the last.

Many people will tell you that in your high school years you’ll probably either expand your friend group or you might just find those few best friends you stick with. It doesn’t have to be one way or another though, what’s important is that you keep an open mind to new people and to always be kind. You get to be whoever you choose, but from my experience, the best type of person you can be is open and willing to accept new people around you. 

Over the course of time, I haven’t exactly felt close with my class and there’s no blame to put on any one single person for that, we all get busy and things just change. You find things you like and other people find things they like and we just fade away from each other. The times we have the chances to get together though is something I’d say you don’t want to miss. Go to all the games you can, go to concerts, go to parties(be smart), just go to things because you only get so many times before it’s the last.

There’s something unique about life as a high school student, especially being a senior because it’s yours and you choose what you do with it. You have the freedom to make mistakes and be a kid, and at one point, that all completely goes away. Live your mistakes and learn from them. Don’t wish to be done with school because right now is one of the easier parts in life, enjoy the time you have to be free and figure out what you like, enjoy what it is now.