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Bio: The Scratching Post is published by the Journalism Class in conjunction with The Scratching Post (the Newspaper Club), and it is sanctioned by the ASB of Eastmont High School. It is an open forum for student expression and provides the student body with the opportunity to voice their fierce independent opinion through the medium of journalism. The Newspaper Club was started more than ten years ago and was renamed The Scratching Post shortly thereafter. Since that time, the publication was taken from an in-house print to a 16-page tabloid publication printed in full color and disseminated to the student body nine times a year. And now, The Scratching Post has moved into the digital age.

Advertising: The Scratching Post will not run any advertising that we believe to be factually inaccurate; designed to mislead, deceive or defraud; containing malicious, vindictive or unsubstantial attacks; offering goods and/or services illegal for teens to possess, buy or use; libelous; obscene; creating imminent danger or disruption to school.
The Scratching Post reserves the right to refuse any advertising, solicited or unsolicited. Advertisements do not necessarily reflect the views, endorsements and/or positions of The Scratching Post staff, student body, faculty, administration or school board. In accordance with WIAA policy 18.20.0, the staff will not accept advertising that identifies students as athletes by photo or text.

Letters: The Scratching Post will print all letters to the editor if space allows. A letter may be edited for style and length. Only signed letters with contact information are valid and they must be turned in one week prior to publishing.
Photos: All photos are retrieved from the public domain and hereby used within copyright laws unless otherwise specified.

Contact: If you wish to contact the Scratching Post with comments, advertising requests, or corrections, please email [email protected]

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