Covid-19 and the Hardships that Follow


Sam Kalkowski, Reporter

Covid-19 was and still is a detrimental global pandemic that has affected most humans in some form or another. I wanted to get a broader understanding of it and in order to do so I chose to interview my younger sister, my friend from another school, and lastly my dad. The reason I chose to ask these individuals about the effects of Covid on them was so that I could show that kids and adults deal with the effects just the same.

To begin I asked my younger sister some questions about Covid. Something that stuck out of the questions I asked was “In what ways did Covid affect your sophomore year?”

 She responded with “It really affected my first soccer season here at the highschool and I was super disappointed not being able to play.” 

Athletes all across America had sports cancelled and seasons lost that they will never be able to get back.

Not only has Covid affected sports but also put students in positions that created a bad work ethic for school. 

I asked my friend how we had been dealing with school during Covid and he responded with “I really feel that my work ethic for school has changed drastically and I wish that we never had to go through our high school years like this”.

Finally I interviewed my father who had a very sad response. I asked him what has been the worst thing for you since Covid came. 

He responded with “It forced me out of my workspace and into home where I have been doing work since. It has created a loss of structure in my days and I wish I never had to leave the work space”. 

Adults all over America have been dealing with issues involving their jobs because of Covid. Covid has affected everyone big and small in some way or another.