Should schools make students wear uniforms to school?


Emily Mattix, Reporter

In some schools uniforms are required at about 22% of U.S. public schools. Uniforms can be uncomfy  and a lot of times distracting to the students. 

Uniforms are a huge discussion that is always being talked about. Uniforms are preferred by a small percentage of students and parents. Others don’t think uniforms are efficient. Talking about uniforms can become an argument. Uniforms can sometimes make the student upset and not want to wear it. I have gathered some questions about this topic and got some responses.

First, Olivia Young, I asked, “Do school uniforms create a less distracted area?” She has said, “No, the clothing that we wear would not matter if a student was distracted or not. The clothing has nothing to do with it.” She thinks uniforms should not matter if they are distracted, students can distract themselves from multiple things.

School uniforms are a HUGE discussion that a lot of people participate in. It can cause several arguments involving parents who know what they want their child to wear. Most schools do not have uniforms and let them wear stuff freely, however private schools do require uniforms. Uniforms can make oneself feel insecure or bland for wearing the same outfit everyday for school. It could make them upset and not like to go to school because they can’t express themselves in their choice of clothing. 

Next is Karli Sebastian. I asked, “Do school uniforms keep kids from expressing themselves? If so, why?”

She replied, “Yes. Uniforms are meant to be solid and less “distracting” in the workplace. Without uniforms, students will be able to express themselves freely without any concern of being ‘boring.’” She says school uniforms aren’t a necessity at all, and doesn’t know why schools even require them.