Schools Should Ban Homework


Joshua Portillo-Nava, Reporter

Eastmont High School should ban teachers from handing out homework! Why? Homework takes  most of a student’s day.

Too much homework can cause students to not meet development needs and critical life skills. Students may  not have time in their life outside of school.

Dominic, a Senior in Eastmont high school was interviewed and asked if he has time to do homework  outside of school and how much homework does he get?  

For the first question he said  “No, because I work a lot and I have a family. The second question he said “I barely get homework.” 

This is true most students work after school get home late and have no time to do homework

Also interviewed was a teacher, Mrs. Medrano. When asked what her homework policy is and what she thinks about homework she said:  

” I don’t assign additional homework, I give class time for all assignments but occasionally students need to finish at home. My goal is, if students use their class time wisely they will have very little they need to do at home.” 

Even if students don’t have plans or have anything to do after school, even if you get one page of homework from each class that is a lot  and could take hours to complete. Students need time to themselves as well to enjoy life. That’s why homework should get banned.