Should the 1st Amendment apply to students in public schools?

Cameron Velazquez, Reporter

Should the First Amendment apply to students in school?  The First amendment is applied to all schools in America. But schools also have the power to block any of the freedoms that the 1st Amendment offers such as freedom of speech, religion, expression, assembly, and petition.

An anonymous Democratic student says that the amendment should apply to students in schools. She believes that Freedom of speech and assembly are okay but they need to be done respectfully and in the right environment at school, and when the schools censor certain opinions and not others, that is wrong because if one group is allowed to then the other group is. 

A Democratic point of view supports the amendment to be a right to have in schools, but what about a Republican point of view?

When interviewed, Republican Ryan West said “Yes, the 1st Amendment should apply to all students in schools.” He also states that “ You are your own person and you can have your own opinions. It’s okay to hear both sides on a subject but it’s not appropriate for one to censor the other.”

From both sides of the political spectrum, the students believe that their First Amendment rights should apply to them. Once again their rights do apply in public schools but the school has all the power to choose what students can express. But one thing still remains, what do you think? Go out there and let your voice be heard and remember to respect and listen to your fellow students.