Should the School Mandate the Covid-19 Vaccine?


Sakhaa24, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Carson Homsley, Reporter

Many people are divided on the topic of whether vaccines should be mandated in schools; especially with the Covid-19 virus running around with its numerous variants. The students at this school may have some interesting opinions and thoughts regarding whether vaccines in general should be mandated in schools. Everyone needs to look at all sides of this argument so we can see where they are coming from.

One student thinks that it is a bit too late for the school to mandate vaccines; the Covid-19 vaccine in particular, as everyone whether vaccinated or not, is getting this virus.

As Gavin, a sophomore, states with certainty, “Well, it depends on what kind, right now for COVID Vaccines it honestly doesn’t really matter because anyone with and without vaccines is getting it. And it’s spreading just the same amount. Currently, I think it’s a little too late for that.”

There are some students who may not be extremely sure about their answer as this subject is a bit polarizing and yet, not everyone may care as much.

“I mean for vaccines in general then I guess, maybe? I don’t know, with the Omicron, you still get it,” Christian, a junior, said questioningly.

However, EHS has some students who do not want vaccines in the school to be mandatory.

A sophomore, Carson,  responded, “I’m gonna say no. Because I think forcing people to do anything is pretty bad, but I don’t know, it’s a tough call for me to make.  

Some students, two in particular, believe that it should be advertised or be handled by professionals instead since professionals have more experience and knowledge. Advertising could persuade people to take the vaccine instead of the school telling you to get the vaccine.

Tristan, a sophomore, replied “I don’t think they should, I think all together it would be nice at the same time. Overall, I don’t think they should, they should leave that up to the hospitals. I think it would be more professional if the doctors at the hospital provided them instead of schools.”

A junior, Diego, had this to say, “Nah brah, I think they should be pushed through posters and stuff, but not required.”

However, there was a surprisingly small number of people who are in support of the vaccine being mandated as a whole. Now, there are people who do think that schools should mandate vaccines as previous vaccines are required such as Mumps, Rubella, Tetanus, etc. A few students believe that making the Covid-19 vaccine mandatory could be a benefit as it would make students, staff, and guests a lot more safe.

Ben, a sophomore, acted like this was a no-brainer, “Yeah… It seems like a good idea. Because it’s COVID, you don’t want COVID.”

Ben does make a good point that COVID-19 is not something that anyone wants, it is a easy transmissible disease.

Kiko, a junior, lightheartedly answered the question with “I’m not the smartest bean, but if that means everyone should get it, then yes.”

Another junior at the school, Ethan, had this to say, “As someone who has to help my grandpa frequently, vaccines should be required to attend school as it would reduce the risk of myself getting infected and giving it to my higher risk grandpa.” 

The students at Eastmont High School have mixed feelings about whether or not the COVID-19 vaccine should be mandatory to attend school; they will have to wait a while for the decision to be made for next school year.