How the students of Eastmont spent their spring break


Jose Rodriguez-Pamatz

A view from Saddle Rock, a popular place to hike over Spring Break.

Jose Rodriguez-Pamatz, Reporter

The students of Eastmont High School spent their spring break, between April 4th and April 8th, doing a variety of things.

A majority of students stayed in town and enjoyed going out with friends whether it was to go hiking or playing basketball.

“I mostly enjoyed going out to play basketball at the park or at the W.R.A.C. with friends” said Devin Volante, a Senior at Eastmont.

Other students went to visit relatives that live out of town in places like Yakima, Friday Harbor, and Seattle.

“My family went to Seattle to visit family that lived near that area and went and visited places like the Space Needle and the Boardwalk,” said Travis Palmer,  Eastmont Senior.

Many students left town and traveled to go to theme parks like Universal Studios and Disney Land. Others went to watch sporting events like football and basketball games.

“I traveled to Chicago to watch a basketball game between the Chicago Bulls and the Los Angeles Clippers and stayed in Chicago for a few nights after the game,” said Giovanni Perez, a Senior at Eastmont.