How students from Eastmont are planning to participate in this weeks spirit week


Junior Chloe Goforth and Senior Regan Kiernan on Pajama Day

Jasmyne Goforth, Reporter

What exactly is spirit week for Eastmont students, and what are they doing to participate in it?

Students from Eastmont High celebrate their week before prom by participating in an event called “spirit week”.  This is a celebration before the annual event taking place on the 14th of May. Students are excited to get back into the flow of normalcy disrupted by COVID-19.

Students at Eastmont High collectively agree that pajama day will be the most popular. 

Junior  Chloe Goforth said she would be participating in Pajama day, She says “I am so excited to finally wear my monster slippers out of the house”. 

On Friday, the spirit theme is “Anything but a Backpack Day”, collectively they are most curious to see what exactly other students will be doing.

 Senior Regan Kiernan says “I will be participating in pajama day, and I’m kinda excited to see what students come up with on Friday”.

All students interviewed mentioned how excited they were to go back to traditional events leading up to prom! Have fun Wildcats, and remember to participate in this week’s spirit week!