Summer Fun in the Valley!


Murray Foubister

via Wikimedia Commons

Armando Farias, Reporter

With school almost over, the big thing on everyone’s mind is summer! With summer comes fun summer plans. Here’s what some of Eastmont had to say.

Some people’s plans are to practice sports over the summer and stay in the valley.

“I’m mostly just going to be doing baseball throughout the summer. Maybe enjoy my pool or go to the river,” said Jett Lewallen, 10th grader.

Other people are going out of state to have fun this summer.

“My family always goes to Florida. We go to Miami,” Connor Rivera, Sophomore.

Maximo Vivanco, Sophomore, added, “I’m going to Oregon and visit family. It’s really fun to hang out with my cousins”

Not just students enjoy summer, Eastmont Staff also likes to have fun during the summer.

“I have a few weddings to go to, also a lot of football this summer. I also go over to Port Orchard to visit some family,” Mr. Davis.

With whatever plans you have this summer, The Scratching Post wishes everyone a safe and fun summer.