Prom night May 14th, 2022

Jose Rodriguez-Pamatz, Reporter

The prom of 2022 was hosted inside of the Eastmont High School gymnasium. With the majority of students dressing up in their best suits or dresses. Many prom goers began their night meeting up with friends before heading off to the party.

Prom began at eight pm with many students arriving in large numbers with their own cars, while others arrived in limousines they rented for the night.

“Me and my friends got a limousine to take us to and from prom for the night, ”  remarked Jayden Reyes-Penado.

While there were many water bottles provided, there was no food served during prom. Many students went to eat at restaurants before heading off to the event.

“My friends and I went to eat at an Italian restaurant called Garlini’s before we went to the party,” said Travis Palmer.

Almost all prom goers bought or rented suits or dresses at a variety of different stores.  Making sure that they looked their best for the night.

Devin Volante stated, “Me and along with a few friends rented suits at a place called Bella Sera in Wenatchee.”