Should Classes Start Later?


Photo by stux via Pixabay

Jakelin Magana, Reporter

Should schools start classes later? Starting classes later could have many effective outcomes for students. 

Starting classes later could improve the academic performance of students. Some people think that with starting later students can get enough sleep and improve health as well as their quality of life. 

Serenity, a sophomore in Eastmont High School was asked if she thought classes should start later?

“No, because if we start classes early we get out of school early.” 

Adela, a senior in Eastmont High School was also asked the same question. 

“Yes, because I think early in the morning you can’t really focus on your work.” 

Serenity was also asked, how could starting classes later affect her?

“It can help me get more sleep.” 

Adela also added her thoughts to this questions. 

“Concentrate more in your classes because you get to sleep more.

Wenatchee High School starts classes later, on Monday’s they start at 10:10, on Tuesday through Friday they start at 8:40. Quincy High School as well start classes on Monday’s at 10:25, and on Tuesday through Friday they start at 8:25. While Eastmont High School starts classes on Mondays at 8:45, and on Tuesday through Friday they start at 7:45.