A Varsity Seniors View Into the 2022-2023 Football Season

Mason Graham, Reporter

Austin Ruffins is a seventeen year old senior varsity football player at Eastmont High School. He has been playing football for five years and is currently getting ready for battle of the bridges. 

So far the 2022-2023 season has gotten off to a rough start. 

“We struggled the first two games, but I think we will get better as the season continues,” said Austin. 

With Battle of the Bridges coming up, the team is feeling the pressure but are excited to play this Friday.

“I feel really good about Battle of the Bridges and I think the team will play well.”

Austin has grown a lot since first becoming a football player in eighth grade, till now to his current senior year this year on varsity. 

“I had no idea what a running back even was when I first started playing football,” said Austin

While senior year has a lot of perks and fun events, it is also very bitter sweet, especially for an athlete like Austin. Having played with the same team since middle school can be a hard goodbye at the end of the year. 

“I haven’t even thought about it being senior year, it hasn’t quite hit me yet, it’s sad to think that this is the last year I get to play with my team,” said Ruffins.

Although Austin has a while before his season and senior year are over, he has an idea of what he wants to do after graduation this coming Spring of 2023. 

“I plan to study nursing or physical therapy after I graduate, maybe at Washington State University.”