Do Students Stress Out More at the Beginning of the School Year or the End?


Evgenni Naumov (TopVectors)

Shayla Alviter, Reporter

Many students have complained that school life is a very stressful era of our life. Especially at the end of the school year, where the majority of assignments are demanded to be turned in. This can be a hectic moment for most high schoolers, and for those who strive for perfect grades. Even for those who desire to rekindle their school education by trying harder on school. With many bumps along the road, students will have to learn how to prosper. 

Briseyda Diaz, a current Sophomore from our school, has claimed her opinion. 

She says, “I think I get more stressed out at the end of the year because at that point you are exhausted from school and just want to get done with it so you slack off. ” 

Her answer makes it clear that after a lengthy school year, all there is to do is turn work in quickly, disregarding how mentally tired one is. 

A survey done by the American Psychological Association has stated that nearly half of all teens, approximately 45%, said they were overwhelmed by school pressures. This information shows that school takes an extreme toll on a student’s overall mental health. Regardless, many forms of help are available for students to reach out for. 

An example is reaching out to your counselor. Our Eastmont High school provides four counselors assigned to each student on campus. 

 The school’s psychologist, Mr. Bills, was asked, “Are students prone to more likely stress out at the start of the school year or the end?”

He affirms by saying, “It’s tough to generalize too much, because each student is unique. I would say that many students stress out at both times of the year, but for different reasons. Some are very stressed out at the beginning, especially Sophomores, because they’re starting a new schedule and face a new, unknown year. Whereas some students stress out during Spring, especially Seniors, because they worry about passing their classes. Some students stress about facing the unknowns of Summer.” 

Mr. Bills’ answer basically comes to the conclusion that each student has distinct characteristics, which would make it unseemly to make a clear decision on this. 

Furthermore, it is rational to think Seniors would possibly strain more than Juniors and Sophomores. This is due to being coerced into having a ready mindset for when the time comes to graduate. Still, it may apply less to Sophomores than Juniors, and mainly only Seniors.