Upcoming: Homecoming Dance


Mason Graham

Students gather for Homecoming 2021

Adela Jung-Foncillas

After two hard years of Covid, and last year’s homecoming dance took place at Eastmont High School’s parking lot, many students are looking forward to experiencing the Homecoming we all know and love, without masks and distancing.

Homecoming is so unique for everybody, because not only does the dance take place, but also the “Spirit week”, the week before the dance, includes many fun activities.

After asking people what their favorite part about the homecoming dance is, it has gotten very clear that they appreciate the time they spend with their friends, their date and overall with their school.

“What makes homecoming so special for me, is that Sophomores, Juniors, Seniors and even people from other school districts are invited to come to the dance,” said Emma Hernandez, Junior.  

Starting September 20th, students will be able to buy homecoming tickets and guest passes, if they want to invite somebody from another School District. The ticket price is $10 .Students can get tickets and passes at the ASB Window before or after school and at lunch. It is recommended to hurry, since tickets will run out soon!

Also for Sophomores it will be a new experience, since it’s their first homecoming dance at the Highschool.

G, a Sophomore, said, “I will definitely go to the Homecoming dance. It will be fun!” 

Eastmont High School students had the chance to pick between three themes this year: Greece, Into the sunset or masquerade ball.

 Even though it was a hard choice for everybody ,the majority of people voted for “ Into the sunset”, meaning that this will be this year’s theme. 

“I really like this year’s theme. I love the warm colors,” says Senior Kendall Flanagan. 

Some students are looking for a dress with the matching colors, others will wear the dress they like.

After the Assembly on Thursday, students decided on the Top 5 Senior Homecoming royalty.  

This year’s Homecoming royalty court are: 


Samey Garcia/ Kylee Weems

Austin Ruffins/ Tamrynn Heimbigner

Andrew Suan/ Aubrey Noell

Federico Gomez/Hannia Hernandez-Mendoza

Rigo Rodriguez/Cindy Gonzalez

Juniors: Luke Gale/ Sophia Stagg

Sophomore: Ricardo Colunga/ Kassie Britton

Homecoming will take place on Saturday, October 1st from 8-11 p.m. Come and jointhis fun dance!