Smoke causes changes for EHS athletics


Kendall Flanagan

Soccer and Cross Country practiced at Quincy Middle School, Thursday October 6th.

Kendall Flanagan

The beginning of this school year has consisted of high levels of smoke due to the multitude of fires revolving in the valley. This has resulted in outside athletic teams practicing inside at times and overall complicating practice schedules. Last week, football, girls soccer, and cross country were able to overcome the heavy smoke by hopping on a bus and heading to Quincy or Entiat for a practice of fresh air. 

On October 5th, Football traveled to Entiat High School for a desired practice outside. And on the 6th, both cross country and girls soccer commuted to Quincy for a fresh air practice, sharing Quincy’s old high school stadium, which is located behind Ancient Lakes Elementary.

Junior Kylee Maytrychit said how this has affected the girls soccer team: “I think it has been good for us to play on turf, it is frustrating having to drive, but at least we get to practice.” 

The smoke has also affected games. Girls soccer traveled to Quincy High School on Tuesday, October 4th and played Davis – the final, Eastmont 3-0. Girls soccer also played against Wenatchee at Quincy High School Saturday, October 8th, making it the first ever battle of the bridges game not played in the Wenatchee Valley.

Regardless, go support Eastmont wherever they may be!