3x Dunk Champion Comes to Eastmont

Isaac Gatewood, Reporter

*Editor’s Note: This game was cancelled due to poor air quality.*

Nate Robinson, the name sounds familiar but can’t quite figure out who he is?  Nate Robinson is most recently famous for being knocked out by Jake Paul, but he is also famous for his extensive thirteen year career as a point guard in the NBA where he played for the Knicks, Celtics, Thunder, Warriors, Bulls, Nuggets, Clippers, and Pelicans. Nate won the NBA’s Dunk contest in 2006, 2009, and 2010. 

Nate Robinson is the father of D1 prospect Nahmier Robinson, a 5’9” 170 pound cornerback that has offers to Portland State and Washington University. This all becomes relevant to Eastmont on October 15th, when EHS Football plays Skyline High School.

Some wonder if Skyline win the game since  have a D1 prospect at cornerback.

Recent homecoming royalty nominee Alex Ellington said, “We’re gonna destroy them.”

Eatmont football player Christian Nevers for Eastmont responded, “We got some good wide receivers.”

Ben Fischer, another football player for Eastmont mentioned, “We’ve played D1 athletes before.”

EHS basketball player Eamon Monahan  stated, “Our team’s gonna win.”

It is not often a sports celebrity comes to the valley. Many students had thoughts on what they would say or do if they were to meet Nate Robinson.

Interestingly Ellington said, “I could knock you out like Jake Paul did.

Fischer basically relayed that energy as he said, “How does that mat feel?”

Some students had less violent answers. 

Nevers said all he would say is, “How’s it going?” 

Monahan, being the varsity basketball player he is, said he would want to, “See him dunk.”

Many wonder if having Nate and his son Nahmier being at the game would add any publicity to the event. 

Ellington simply replied, “Yes” which was very straight to the point.

Nevers responded with a simple answer too as he replied with, “A little bit.”

Monahan also responded with a quick simple answer saying, “It will.”

As for Fischer he believes that it won’t add much publicity unless there is something like, “A highlight play.” 

As for our schools confidence in our football team it sounds like it is sky high because everyone believes we can win this game. As for Nate Robinson, it sounds like people are excited to meet him at the game. Now whether that be because he is Nate Robinson or just someone famous in general, it sounds like the game will be quite fun.