Do you prefer Halloween or Christmas?


Toby Ord

Pic via Wikimedia Commons

Adela Jung-Foncillas, Reporter

The most loved holidays in the United States are probably Halloween and Christmas. 

People decorate their houses, some even going over the top. 

 But which one do people prefer?

 After asking a few students, it became clear very quickly that all of them had a hard time deciding.

“With Halloween I associate spending time with my friends and dressing up. I love that. But it is really hard to choose between both.” Serenity, a Sophomore, says. 

Most people love the entire month of October, also referred to as “Spooky Season,” which ends with Halloween. During the month of October people carve pumpkins, decorate their houses and plan their costumes for Halloween. 

After Halloween there is not much time left till Christmas. “If I had to decide between Halloween or Christmas I would definitely choose Christmas.” Kendall, a Senior says. Christmas is probably the most popular holiday, since it is referred to as the holiday full of joy and magic and people associate it with lights, snow and presents. “I love Halloween because my birthday is the day after, but Christmas is definitely my favorite.” Adalie, a Sophomore says.

Christmas is definitely the favorite holiday. Out of seven students, 4 voted for Christmas, 1 for Halloween and 2 for both.