How the weather affects students and staff



A cloudy view at EHS

Mason Graham, Reporter

With it being the middle of winter, the skies are gray and the energy is down.  We wake up, it’s dark outside, we get out of practice, and it’s dark outside, with less and less daylight it is easy to fall into a trap of not being active and losing motivation. 

I went around Eastmont High School and asked administrators if they see a difference in moods and attitudes as the weather changes. Many of the answers that I received were around the same idea. Lupita Torres, an office admin at EHS, has a good view on the change happening. 

“ Everything happens for a reason, I think this quote is important to remember because it’s hard to stay positive in the dark mood around us.”

With quotes like that one, it is always a good thing to remember the positive side of things, but at the same time we can’t dismiss the negative. Ryan Goodwin, an admin at EHS, spends a lot of time with the students and notices many different changes about the mood around Eastmont. This is what he had to say.

“I notice a difference in students’ and teachers’ moods, some get more energetic and I notice some get seasonal depression, it depends on the person.” 

When working at a high school or even being a student, it is important to remember that not everyone feels the same way you do, and if that is the case, be there for someone if they need it, it could mean more to them than you realize.