Should you be a multi-sport athlete?


Junior Mathew Bender

Ben Fischer, Reporter

Many athletes play multiple sports, but what does that actually entail and is it in your best interest?

Different sports require you to prepare in different ways.  In Matthew Bender’s opinion, football requires more weight lifting, but track and basketball are much more skill and cardio based.

So how do you balance training for each sport?  Kellen Leonard says that a multi-sport athlete is going to have to do extra training besides just practice.  He also explained that he starts preparing for his next sport towards the end of his current season.  

Football and Basketball coach Isaiah Davis approves of multi-sport athletes on not only a athletic, but on a personal level. 

Coach Davis believes that, “Developing the ability to learn from multiple types of coaching styles is a good life lesson in the workfield.” and that, “Sports taught me how to be a good person, being a good person got me where I am today.”

Head football coach Mike Don shared that, “Every athlete should play at least two sports.”