The Schoolhouse Rugby Club season is underway


Coach Campbell

Charlie Campbell passing the ball during practice at EJHS

Katelyn Ferguson, Reporter

The Schoolhouse Rugby Club season started February 21st, 2023. 

Rugby is a close contact sport with 15 people on the field at a time playing. The object of the game is to ground the ball behind the opponents try line also known as the goal area. Rugby is different than the more commonly known sport football because the fields larger in width which makes it easier to be able to pass the ball. Another difference is the team does not get any gear. Rugby players get a short sleeved jersey, shorts and a mouth guard and that is it. The name rugby originates from England. 

The Schoolhouse Rugby Club has both men and woman teams, which anyone in the junior high and high school are able to join. Our teams are fairly small, the girls team has about 20 people and the men’s has 20-30 players from all over Wenatchee Valley, including Cashmere and Leavenworth.

A lineout against Ellensburg at the Yakima match

Schoolhouse Rugby was founded in 2009 by Robert Campbell. Kelly Campbell took over the program in 2018. Currently, there are two coaches, Kelly Campbell coaches the boys and Charlie Brown who is the girls coach. 

“I really love head coach Kelly Campbell, he`s just always willing to help, and he`s the most supportive coach ever which makes it so much fun and gives you the energy and excitement to come to practice because he`s just always there for you, he`s so encouraging and when your getting down on yourself because you don`t feel like your really doing that well, he`s there to pick you up and there for you when you need him,” said Katelyn Ferguson a former rugby player. I`ve been on this team for about two years now. 

Charlene Campbell, Coach Kelly Campbell’s daughter, also plays for the team.

Charlene says, “Rugby has been in my family since I was four years old. In 2010, my dad took the head coach position for Schoolhouse. Growing up, I always went to the games which made me so happy because I was very interested in playing, it looked like a bunch of fun. When I was eleven years old, I asked my dad to create a girls team, I kept begging until finally he created one and got girls together to play which was when I was in high school and able to join. The thing I love the most about this sport is how were all like a giant family, I also love how my dad`s always there for the lady pack even though he`s not our coach.” 

A scrum in a match against Ellensburg, played in Yakima

Ferguson added, “The team just feels like a giant family, coaches are supportive and its just overall such an amazing sport. I also love how were a big giant family out there. I`m just so excited that I`m able to play and I really hope more girls join because you`ll love it!”

If you want to join this family or learn more about Schoolhouse Rugby, check out their Facebook or Instagram pages.

A picture of the ’22 Women’s Team