Student Voting


Emma Hernandez, Reporter

Majority of the students here at EHS will be able to vote by our next election. Many people don’t put much thought into the importance of voting, so they will not register to vote. This article is some reasons to consider voting for the 2024 election and every one after that. Not only does voting choose the next president of the US. but it also decides what America’s future will look like. Many students roll their eyes when they hear an adult talk about how the younger generation is the future, but it’s true. 

It’s important to show our appreciation for the democracy we live in by exercising our right to vote. In the US the legal voting age is 18. The next election will be on November 5th of 2024. As American citizens we are extremely fortunate to be able to vote for our future so the government doesn’t for us. Voting allows US citizens to express their beliefs and ideas as well as showing support for the candidate of their choice. 

Many countries like China, Vietnam, and North Korea are run by communism and aren’t able to vote. Some people don’t mind the idea of communism or even support it. However, in the 1940s many tragedies like the holocaust were caused by communist countries. Communism outlaws many laws that we heavily exercise in the US. Some of these laws are freedom of speech, freedom of religion, right to own land, and right to bear arms. 

Expressing your opinion is one of the most important things that makes America America. The US is iconic for how open and honest the citizens are. All over most social media platforms is people expressing their political views. Voting and showing the government is just as important as talking about it. People all over the world enjoy exercising their right of freedom of speech but don’t want to put it out into the real work by voting. Don’t be that person. Voting can be a big decision to make 

In conclusion, there are many reasons why it’s important to vote. When you get there, make sure to pay attention to what you want and the process of registering to vote. Yes it can be a difficult and confusing process but it’s well worth it to continue to run this country in a way all citizens can decide on.