Getting to know students at EHS

Kiara Sanchez, Reporter

Q: Who is your favorite artist and what’s your favorite song by them?

A: “The Weeknd and coming down”- Ryan Figueroa


Q: What is your best childhood memory?

A: “Going to ymca camp”- Josh Leonhardt


Q: What are you most thankful for?

A: “My friends”- Fernando Garcia


Q: What is your most embarrassing story?

A: “In 8th grade I invited a girl to a soccer game and after I came back from the bathroom she was with another guy”- Abdias Castaneda


Q: What is your favorite TV series?

A: “Criminal minds”- Mrs. Lee


Q: What is your favorite holiday and why?

A: “Thanksgiving because it’s close to my birthday”- Gabriel Espinoza


Q: Who is your celebrity crush?

A: “Harry styles”- Berkley Melton 


Q: What’s the first thing you’d do if you won the lottery?

A: “Retire my parents”- Pedroza