EHS Favorites


Isaac Gatewood, Reporter

Everyone has their personal favorite to most things whether it be food or even a favorite soap. Here is what some Eastmont kids had to say about their favorite food, car, and class.

There are many types of food like Chinese, Brazilian, Cuban, or even American food. But what types of food do Eastmont students like?

Maximo Vivanco, a junior at Eastmont, said his favorite food was chicken because “It tastes very good when deep fried.”

Shay Schrubbe, a senior at Eastmont, likes “The 4 for 4 at Wendys because it’s cheap or the biggie bag.”

Xavier Suarez, also a senior at Eastmont, loves “Lemon pepper wings.”

Trenton Farmer, a sophomore at Eastmont, said he likes a lot of things but nothing matches “Clams.”

Everyone loves cars because they can get you from A to B very quick, but do students have preferences on cars?

Trey Thrift, a junior at Eastmont, Likes the Toyota 4 Runner because “It is very easy to drive.”

Trenton the clam lover said his favorite car is “A 69’ Mustang because it’s an original American muscle.”

Ben Fischer, A junior at Eastmont, decided his favorite car was, “Mclaren F1, because its clean.”

When most students go to school they have that one class that they like more than the rest, maybe its because they have friends in that class or may even just like the subject.

What are some Eastmont students favorite classes?

Tooke Philips, another junior at Eastmont, says his favorite class is, “Weightlifting to get those gains.”

Braeden, Talen Lee, and Ben all said their favorite class is history.