Coachella 2023 Recap

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Coachella 2023

Jaime Hobson, Reporter

With the end of the annual Coachella fiasco coming to an end, it’s time to recap the weekends spent in the desert this year.  With major headliners, Bad Bunny, BlackPink, and Frank Ocean, who hasn’t performed live in over 6 years, ticket sales for the two weekends combined reached nearly 250,000 this year! With weekend one selling out, this has been one of the biggest years yet for the festival.

While the music was great, weekend one included a huge let down from headliner Frank Ocean. Ocean has not performed live in over six years due to Covid-19 and the loss of his brother in 2020 when he was originally supposed to headline the festival. Before his weekend one performance, the artist allegedly injured his leg and couldn’t do the performance the way it had been rehearsed. Fans were very disappointed after Sunday’s show and took to social media to voice their frustration about the show. Following this backlash, the performance pulled from weekend two of the festival just two days before the gates opened.

Although many people were extremely disappointed by this last minute change, the headliner spot was filled with artists blink182 and friends. While many people did purchase their tickets for the sole purpose of seeing Frank Ocean, the weekend was filled with amazing shows from other performers. Some crowd favorites included Calvin Harris, with over 100k people in the crowd and Metro Boomin with an overall turnout of over 80k. Headliners Bad Bunny and BLACKPINK were also on the list for largest crowds of the weekend.

Overall, this year’s festival was a hit amongst all who attended. Even though the music itself was the highlight of the weekend, the food, great weather, and amazing art added to the magic that the festival brings to the desert every year, and this year especially.