Trae Harmon, Reporter

Music is one of the most universally beloved art forms, but everyone has a different taste for what music they like. At Eastmont High School, here are some of the students’ favorite artists.


  • 2x (Anonymous), Kassie Britton, Teague Monahan (1st pick): Taylor Swift
  • (Anonymous): AJR
  • (Anonymous): Imagine Dragons
  • (Anonymous): Royal Blood
  • Ashton: Playboi Carti
  • Briseyda Medina: 21 Savage
  • Jasmine Barrera: TOMORROW X TOGETHER
  • Leonardo Medina: Peso Pluma
  • Teague Monahan (2nd pick): Drake


  • Aly Navarro: Sarah Cothran 
  • Garcia: Young Thug
  • Jay Wright: Hot Freaks
  • Kaitlyn Somero: Taylor Swift
  • Kyle Leyde: Shinedown
  • Leo Perry: Rammstein and Metallica
  • Miguel Sanchez: Burzum
  • Quinn Erickson: Miracle Musical


  • (Anonymous), Leobardo Silva: Babytron
  • Carson Homsely: Angels & Airwaves
  • Christian Perez: Lana Del Ray
  • Emy Brownlow: Chase Atlantic and ABBA
  • Liz Bravo: Taylor Swift
  • Nataly Gonzalez: Junior H

While the music taste of the student spans between pop, rock, rap, and metal, a clear winner seems present with Taylor Swift, who is especially popular with sophomores, gaining 6 votes total. Among the Juniors, metal is a lot more beloved than the other two grades with featured acts including Shinedown, Rammstein, Metallica, and Burzum. However, the Seniors likely have the most diverse mix of music with genres including trap, pop punk, and modern and classic pop.