An Interview with Mr. Noell


Karinne Davis

Mr. Noell during Anything But a Backpack day at school

Alexandrea Toledo-Blanchfield, Reporter

Today I went and interviewed the wonderful principal that everyone loves Mr. Noell here at Eastmont high school. Here is what he had to say.

What Inspired Mr. Noell to be a principal here at Eastmont high school ? Well Mr. Noell has been a principal at EHS now for ten years. He started his position here at Eastmont high school in 2013.

According to Mr. Noell, “I was not inspired to be a principal, I was asked by the school board to be the principal and so I gratefully accepted it.” 

Mr. Noell getting pied with Gear Up during their FAFSA Completion celebration

On top of that he said “No, I do not regret being a principal. If I did, it would not know the students.”

What is the hardest part of his job? Mr. Noell said he loves all the students and the hardest part of his job as a principal is seeing how hard the students are struggling. After all they go through the hardships and all the tragedies they go through it is really sad to see such bright students sometimes be a little cloudy.

Then he added, “The saddest part about my job is losing students who have died and it is completely unnatural. I am supposed to die before them, not the other way around.”

What is the best part of his job? According to Mr. Noell he says “I would say the best part of my job is getting to know staff and having friendship with the students here at Eastmont high school.”

If Mr. Noell had to give an opinion to us Eastmont high schoolers  who want to be a principal: “ Good for them! Being a principal is such an honor and you as a principal can change a lot of lives here at school.”

Lastly, one thing Mr. Noell wants before he leaves  Eastmont High school is to ” see all 100% seniors graduate high school despite all the pain and hurt.We all chose each other’s kindness.”