Alexandrea Toledo-Blanchfield, Reporter

Today I Interviewed Mrs. Julson one of the FFA advisors and her student, Chloie, who does FFA for Eastmont High School. Today, I will be writing about their accomplishments during their time in FFA. Eastmont FFA has been around since 1956, and the National FFA has been around since 1928.

Right to left: Ryan Daggett, Brynn Kelley, and Chloie Troxler helping at the Farm Bureau dinner held in Wenatchee as both chapter and district officers
Ryan Daggett teaching preschoolers to plant seeds for Mother’s Day in Peshastin.
Riggan Schwab, Chloie Troxler, Mrs. Julson, Brynn Kelley, and Ryan Daggett enjoying brunch after teaching preschoolers.

The highest enrollment in FFA Julson has seen was 97 students from Eastmont. This year there were 66 students who joined FFA.

Mrs. Julson said,  “My favorite part of FFA is getting to see the enjoyment on students’ faces.” But she also said, “The hardest part about FFA is telling kids no to things.”

Mr. Bruner, Mr. Schmutzler, Mr. Hepton, and Jennifer Chavira with her steer at NCW Fair.

As of one student who does FFA said, “my favorite part of FFA year is state convention.”

Brynn Kelley, Chloie Troxler, Ryan Daggett, Alexis May, Sandra Mendoza-Zamora at State Potato 2022.

Mrs. Julson said “Every year FFA does the annual plant sale in which all plants are student grown.” Eastmont FFA has been doing the annual plant sale since they got a greenhouse for all the plants to be placed.

Riggan Schwab teaching preschoolers to plant seeds for Mother’s Day

Later, I asked an FFA student if you were to give an opinion to students who wanted to join FFA.  Mrs. Julson  said, “Do it because FFA will teach you life long skills that no other place will.” Mrs. Julson said, “It is 100% worth my time because you can put so much thought and creativity into it.”

One of FFA’s greatest accomplishments according to Mrs. Julson was that there were two state officers During the first year of teaching.” That is Eastmont FFA for you if you are ever interested then contact Mrs. Julson and she will connect you with an amazing family opportunity.