The Faces of Eastmont



Seated: Mrs. Webb Standing: Ms. Torres

Hans Nelson, Reporter

The front office ladies at Eastmont High School do so much more than greet you when you walk in. It takes a lot of team work to get stuff done. A few tasks they do are, answering phone calls and transferring them to the right person, monitoring and opening the front doors during school hours, and checking visitors in and out. Their work is not always easy.

Ms. Torres said, “It doesn’t come easy, I feel a lot of pressure.”

Ms. Torres and Mrs. Webb are never bored.  In fact, Lupita Torres and Jeannette Webb assist a lot of teachers and other staff members throughout their day. Even if they have finished all of their required tasks, they still find a way to impact the students and create an overall positive environment around the school.

  “I don’t think there is ever a boring moment,” said Mrs. Webb. 

These two lovely ladies appreciate all of the unique personalities and experiences that the students bring to the high school. They described the students as fabulous, positive, and respectful, and said that they see the students reaching out of their comfort zones every day.

“I get to share my experience with the students, and they get to share theirs with me,” said Ms. Torres. 

Mrs. Webb and Ms. Torres are dedicated to making people’s lives around them better, and it shows. They add so much to our lives, just by being here at the high school. No matter how your day is going, talking to them will lift your spirits. 

Mrs. Webb said, “Our job is to present a positive face for our school.”

Not many people get to spend enough time in the main office to realize how much Mrs. Webb and Ms. Torres do to keep our school running. They make it their mission to make sure everyone is welcome. EHS staff, students, and families are so lucky to have Lupita Torres and Jeannette Webb as the faces of Eastmont .