Mr. Davis, Mr. Pedroza, and Mr. Banks.

Today I spoke to Gear Up and they are kindly willing to share their story on what started the Gear up program.

Gear Up was established during chapter 2 of the 1998 amendments to the higher education Act. In Gear Up they provide the right knowledge to educate students about secondary opportunities after high school whether it has to do with college or trade schools or even finding a job.

In Gear Up their favorite part of the job is interacting and connecting with all the students especially when we take them on college trips.

Mr. Davis, one of the Gear Up members said, “Growing up there was not much support like this so being able to do this for students and seeing all the smiles on their faces when they figure out there are many opportunities for them to be successful after high school.”

Gear Up plans on telling others if they want to join gear up then do so you can help others in finding what they want to accomplish in life this is definitely the best place to do so.

The team members are Mr. Banks, Mr. Davis, and Mr. Pedroza. They said if they could change anything about gear up it would be being able to provide support for other classes and just not on a specific class.