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Grace Laubach, Reporter • June 3, 2024
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Grace Laubach, Reporter • May 9, 2024

Israel and Hamas conflict escalates in violence

Ted Eytan

On October 7th, Palestinian Islamic group Hamas surprised Israel with an attack from Gaza. Since the attack, Hamas has launched an estimated 7,000 rockets into Israel. Hamas gunman captured more than 200 citizens and killed up 1,400 people.

A day after the attack, the Israeli government declared war on Hamas and Israeli forces fought their way into Hamas controlled Gaza. 

A anonymous staff member gave their opinion on the conflict:’’ Why does this need to happen now? They have been fighting for centuries and still no resolution.’’

When Israeli forces fought through the Gaza strip it blocked off important supply’s for the people of Gaza like fuel and water thus causing rapid starvation throughout the strip.

Another staff member gave their opinion: ’My opinion is Hamas is a terrorist organization and the Palestinians voted them in, you reap what you sow.’’

Countries like the United States responded to the conflict in support Israel and condemned Hamas. The U.S since 1949 have been partners with Israel and has assisted the country with around 260 billion dollars through the years of partnership.

A third anonymous staff member said, ‘’I believe the United States should focus on our country’s needs first. While we have taken the role of ‘’world police,’’ It is not necessarily our duty to provide economic assistance to other countries.We have issues such as healthcare and education reform that need attention and economic support.’’

This conflict dates back to 1948 when the Ottoman Empire (who controlled Palestine and modern day Israel) was defeated by Great Britain.

Both Jewish and Arabic groups occupied the land and violence ensured until the United Nations proposed splitting the land in two. Great Britain later gave up their claim on Palestine and the country of Israel was founded. 

In 1967, Israel led an airstrike attack on an Arab region more specifically Egypt because Egypt blocked a sea passage where Israeli shipments couldn’t come in.

Israel attacked Egypt as well as the Jordan military. The conflict lasted only 6 days with Israel winning the war and gaining territory in the Gaza Strip, West Bank and the Sinai peninsula.

In 1982, the Sinai Peninsula was given back to Egypt when both countries agreed on a peace treaty.

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Nano Castillo
Nano Castillo, Reporter
Hello, my name is Nano Castillo. I am 17 years old. I am a senior at EHS and this my first time in a journalistic type class in school. I have never had a real interest in writing, but I enjoy the creativity with writing. My hobbies are golfing and researching historical events.