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The first real snowfall of the year

Sarah Estes
The view at EHS on 12/1/23

On Friday, December 1st, Eastmont students experienced the first real snowfall of the year. Students had many thoughts on the incoming season. 

“It was pretty but I don’t want to slip on ice,” added Sophia Hughes, Sophomore. 

Some students really did not appreciate waking up to the new conditions outside. 

Junior Edder Valdivia stated, “I hated it that I didn’t go to school.” 

The first snow always presents challenges to drivers, especially those with new licenses. 

Senior Ayden Thomas dispensed some wisdom to drivers, “Watch out for the black ice while driving.”

Some vehicles rise to the challenges of winter driving better than others. 

Jaxsun Flores said, ”I had to be a lot more careful driving in the snow, worry more about other drivers. I only slid a little because I have 4-W drive.”

Even those who enjoy the snow, feel the frustration that winter driving brings. 

“I like the look of snow, it gives a nice Christmas feel. However, I dislike driving in it.” -Samuel Wester

Sophomore Sarah Estes shared, “The first snowfall helps make better ski hills, although driving around town and up to Mission Ridge without sandbags is always exciting in a truck.” 

Junior Wyatt Hansen, added his enthusiasm for the ski season. 

“I was pretty psyched to see the snow because I have been looking forward to skiing and doing other fun stuff in the snow”

Other students, however, remained apathetic to the whole situation. 

Senior Nano Castillo stated, ”I don’t feel any different.”


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Sarah Estes
Sarah Estes, Reporter
Hey! My name is Sarah Estes, I am 16, and a sophomore at Eastmont high school. A few things I enjoy in my free time are soccer, skiing, playing piano, listening to music, watching football with friends and family, and finally flying a Cessna-150. For my future career path, I plan to enroll in running start, graduate high school, and go to college. This is my first time writing for the scratching post :)