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Eastmont Staff Resolutions 


It is tradition for many people around the world to make a new years resolution, which can range from behavior, personal goals, good practices, or perhaps an undesired trait. These resolutions are created in hopes of becoming the best version of oneself and having a great year altogether. 

Joshua Simonson, staff member at Eastmont, humorously stated, “This year I’ve resolved to not make any new year’s resolutions… and apparently I failed.”

English teacher and Honors Society Advisor Kevin Fenton offered his resolution.

“My New Year’s resolution is quite simple; if I see that something needs to be done (dishes put away or washed, a spill cleaned, an email needing a response, etc.), then I will do it immediately instead of putting it off for later. In other words, I plan to stop meaningless procrastination and get the job done ASAP as it will be less of a physical and mental burden in the long run. I chose this as I feel there are so many times when I put off the most simple tasks and they become a burden later. I’m tired of being burdened by menial tasks, so I plan to resolve them.”

Multilingual Education teacher Joanne Johanson said, “My resolution is to walk my dogs in the park almost everyday so that I feel better and my dogs will love it!  Also, I want to pay off my school loan this year so I can save $75 each month.”

Another staff member, Beverly Turner said, “My resolution is to see three new sea creatures. I chose this resolution because usually I feel overwhelmed by resolutions, and disappointed when I fail them. I love the ocean, and I have always wanted to see a whale and sea slugs! So this is a goal I am excited for!”

Andreas Garness, English teacher, responded, “I have not made a year-long resolution in years if ever. I am, however, choosing to concentrate on my health and well-being. It’s an interesting coincidence that it lands at the beginning of the year. More appropriately for me, it lands near my 40th birthday. I have always been concerned with eating well and staying physically healthy, but as I age, the stints between eating all the good things and eating the delicious things has changed. I love delicious things, but they don’t always fuel me.”

Garness’s response makes sense since one of his roles at EHS is a Track & Field coach.

Another English and EHS coach, Tanja Medrano said, “My New Year’s resolution is to be more present in life. I often have many things I am doing at once which can spread out my focus and I end up not giving anything full attention. I want to change this this year and really enjoy the experiences of life.” 

Lance Noell, Principal at EHS, directed his resolution towards me by saying, “My new year’s resolution is to eat the delicious lunches of my students. Especially the ones who are sophomores, with curly hair, and who have dads that send them to school with amazing food!” 

In addition, Noell’s second statement, “work on my figure,” is clearly a resolution that he needs to follow through on.




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