Eastmont Students With Jobs


Sandwich Enthusiast Radan Lewis

Isaac Gatewood, Reporter

It’s nothing new that high schoolers can have jobs. But what kinds of jobs do students at Eastmont actually have?

Alex Ellington, the best broista in East Wenatchee, is a senior at Eastmont. He works at Dutch Bros, a very popular coffee shop in town.

Nolan Farmer, also a senior at Eastmont, works as a member of the banquet staff at the Wenatchee Convention Center.

Radan Lewis, a sandwich enthusiast and  senior at EHS,  works at Subway where he can express his love for the art of sandwich making. 

Ben Fischer, Eastmont junior, works as a cashier at KFC in East Wenatchee.

Reese Cox, another senior at EHS, works as a host/waitress at Country Inn. Country Inn is a small diner in East Wenatchee.

Spencer Housden, a Senior and wrestler at Eastmont, works at El Porton a Mexican restaurant in East Wenatchee.

Jacob Hersh, a senior at Eastmont, Works as a waiter at the Viscontis in Leavenworth.

Finally Andrew Hallman, a senior at Eastmont, works at Les Schwab where he repairs different vehicles.

Hours may vary between jobs, but how many hours a week do students work on average?

Alex says that on average he works about 25 hours a week, which is the state maximum a student can work a week.

Ben says that he works around 12 hours a week, which may seem low but is still quite a  bit.

Radan works about 24 hours a week at Subway.

Everyone loves at least one thing about their job whether it be the five minute break they have every few hours or the relaxing environment of their workplace, but what is a high schoolers favorite part of their job?

Jacob, a waiter at viscontis, simply said, “The money.” Which seems like quite an honest answer.

Nolan, Alex, and Spencer all said that their favorite part of work is the people whether it be co-workers or customers they all agreed on the people

Radan, the sandwich enthusiast, says his favorite part of working at Subway is, “The free food.”

Although there are upsides to working there are also downsides to jobs.

Reese, a hard working individual, says her least favorite part about her job is, “Working Weekends.”

Radan, a very funny individual, says the worst part of his job is, “Coupon Karens.” He’s referring to people who try to pay with coupons even thought Subway doesn’t take coupons anymore.

Andrew, A car fanatic, said he dislikes, “The cold weather since I work in a garage.”

High schoolers have a variety of job opportunities between the fast food, restaurants, and even auto shops or coffee shops.