Trae Harmon, Reporter

As the school counselors make changes to the classes available next year, some students have also advocated for changes that they would like. In Mrs. Brookover’s second period AP Chemistry class and the ASL class, interest was shown for the addition of an AP Biology and ASL 3 class for each respective class. A petition for both classes started that, as of now, likely will be added for next year’s schedule. 

Mrs. Brookover, who saw the interest grow in her students for the next step in their science path, arranged with Mr. McRae a deal that AP Biology would be added if enough students signed up to take the class. 

When asked about why she advocated for the addition of AP Biology, Mrs Brookover stated, “We wanted to offer higher level course work to students on the college route. It is also a benefit for getting college credit.”

She further elaborated on how the class specifically helps for students wanting to go further in the biology career. Peyton Smith, a junior in Mrs. Brookover’s AP Chemistry class, helped inform and encourage other students about the opportunity.

He voiced a similar opinion about the addition of the class and the school’s reception: “It is the next step for chemistry students;… I am happy that the school is open to change.”

Mr. McRae, an assistant administrator at the school who agreed to allow students to petition for AP Biology, verified that both classes are available for next year as long as enrollment for both stays above 15 students.

McRae explains some of the difficulties with having to add these classes with issues such as enrollment and scheduling: “To be cost effective classes need to be larger than 15 students, when enrollment slips below that, decisions are made on removing the class until demand increases or trying to support it and growing the demand.  In these cases, both classes had initial student sign ups of around 20, currently both are right at 15.  Additionally these classes are what we call  ‘singletons’ as they are offered only one time in the schedule.  This could cause problems with other classes as students may have to choose between an AP class or Band, or a College in the High School class and ASL 3.  These conflicts in the schedule are unavoidable with singleton classes.”

However, even with such issues present, the school still is open for new classes being added that students want. Mr. Schmutzler, who helped in adding ASL 3, described the group wanting to take the class as being like a family, acknowledging how some students even have plans to pursue ASL further. 

Mr. McCrae further advised, “If students are interested in a class, they can come visit with me and I can talk about the process.”