Summer 2023


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Emma Hernandez, Reporter

Summer is coming up faster than we know! Most people have lots of plans to hangout with friends and go on trips. However, more than likely after a couple weeks, summer can get boring and maybe even depressing. Getting a new or another job is one way to keep you busy on your break. Having a job can decrease stress levels, depression, and make you some money.

Being employed during your break is a great way to decrease stress levels. This has a lot to do with making money and not feeling like you’re struggling financially. Maintaining a job can also offer a sense of purpose in your life, making you feel happier overall. A job may also help with your social life. Not only by creating new relationships but if you have a job that requires you to be around people it can help you with social anxiety and get you more used to being around new people and get you comfortable being uncomfortable!

Depression is an extremely common thing, especially for people during their teenage years. Luckily at school we have counselors that we are able to talk to during the school year, but what about during summer break? In the summer it can be helpful to talk to an adult and maybe ask what things can help lift you up and help give you a sense of purpose. If this is an option for you, I’m sure they will tell you to get a hobby or spend more time outside of your house. One thing that will not only give you something to do but also make you money. Especially during the summer there are hundreds of places hiring. 

During the school year we often have signs in the halls showing what places are currently hiring. However during summer break it’s much easier to look online for places to apply to. One app that I recommend downloading is called “Indeed”. This app shows places near you that are hiring. It’s especially helpful because it gives you the option to filter what job would best suit you by putting in your age and education levels. This app really makes finding a job easy. Another method is simply asking places that you would enjoy working at and asking them if they’re hiring. If the answer is yes, bring in your resume or if you don’t have one make one by going on google docs and picking a resume format that you like then fill in all the information> after you’ve done that bring in your resume. After about a week if you haven’t heard back, call and ask for a hiring manager to check on your application. 

Finding and maintaining a job can be really simple and a great way to better your mental health while making some extra cash. Remember to have fun and be safe this summer, but don’t forget to chase the bag.