Open Campus Lunch, Good or Bad? 

Agustin Lopez, Reporter

Open campus lunch or dining is offered at the Eastmont High School during lunch break. Students are able to leave campus and go out with friends to nearby establishments for food or snacks. They are also able to just hang out and unwind at the nearby park across from the High School. 

The topic however does bring some debate over if it should be allowed, seeing that other nearby schools do not have open campus lunch,  or it is very limited. 

By having open campus lunch it helps us as students have a break from being indoors and not as cramped. Although this might cause a bit of trouble when we lose track of time and get marked as tardy. 

When Sophomore Genaro Santos was asked this question he responded by saying,

“I think open campus is a great idea because we get to meet new people and create new memories with our friends that we might not see as much outside of school”. 

On the other perspective when English teacher Kevin Fenton was asked how open campus lunch affects his 4 period he replied with,

“It’s not really an issue, my seniors show up to class because they enjoy it and need it”. 

Open campus lunch is truly a great benefit and I think I speak for everyone when I say it is probably the best thing about school.